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Streamlight Solar Stream Solar Vehicle Charger System

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Streamlight Solar Stream Vehicle Charger


A cost-effective way to keep vehicle batteries charged

Pays for Itself Through Man-Hour and Maintenance Cost Reduction
  • Reduces the need to continuously jump-start a vehicle.
  • Reduces the number of replacement batteries needed over the life of a vehicle.

    The Power You Need
  • Compensates for natural discharge and parasitic drains on your vehicle’s battery.
  • Provides the vehicle with a 14 watt supplemental power source.
  • Dispenses a milliamp level current to vehicle battery, helping to prevent it from draining completely.

    Proven Performance with Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Technology
  • Adhesive-backed panel is wind-resistant - tested to 120 mph.
  • Adheres to a variety of contoured surfaces.
  • Allows for maximum solar collection as it is not dependent on mounting angle.
  • Continues to collect sunlight in low-light conditions (heat and shade tolerant).
  • Performance and durability verified by one year of police vehicle field testing.
  • Applicable to fiberglass roofs.

  • Designed to reduce concern of overcharging and to prevent reverse charging.

  • Panel Length - 40.88 in. (103.8 cm)
  • Width - 13.07 in. (33.2 cm)
  • Weight - 1.3 lbs (0.6kg)
  • Cord Length - 20 ft. (6 meters)

    Reliable: Panel will continue to operate at reduced performance if panel sections are damaged

    Packaged with fuse holder and fuse


    Product Information
    Streamlight SolarStream Fact Sheet (PDF, 96 KB)
    Streamlight SolarStream Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 115 KB)
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