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Able2 Sho-Me SCRAM Theft Deterrent System - 36.2000

Item Code: 36.2000
Able2 Sho-Me SCRAM Theft Deterrent System - 36.2000
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Able2 Sho-Me SCRAM™ Deterrent System - 36.2000

The SCRAM provides a non-violent solution to averting potentially dangerous situations in your place of business.

The SCRAM produces a police siren alarm to deter criminals during active robbery incidents. In many cases, when the perpetrator hears police sirens or becomes aware of the arrival of police personnel, he flees and the robbery attempt ends.

The SCRAM improves the safety of your employees and customers.

Features of the SCRAM include:

  • Same Rich Tone as heard on a police or fire vehicle.
  • Remote Control Activation Switch.
  • Emergency Battery Backup in the event of a power outage.
  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel.
  • Safe Panels to prevent unauthorized activation.
  • Remote Speaker designed to produce a 100 Watt audible alarm (126 db at one meter).

    The SCRAM is proudly manufactured in the USA and has a 2 year limited warranty on all parts and components including the battery.

    Components of the SCRAM include:
  • Metal powder-coated cabinet containing:
  • Lighted Switch / Control Panel
  • Battery (in the event of a power outage)
  • 100' of 14/2, UL listed, weatherproof speaker wire
  • Metal powder-coated housing containing external speaker
  • Detailed installation instructions

    New Product - Allow 3-5 Days Processing Time

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