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SOLD 2008 Ford Police Interceptor CVPI Flex Fuel Vehicle FFV - 71,000 miles

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2008 Ford Police Interceptor FFV (Flex Fuel Vehicle) E85 capability - 71K miles

The 2008 CVPI comes standard with flexible fuel (E85) capability. Crown Victoria Police Interceptor offers body-on-frame construction, rear-wheel drive and a V8 powertrain as standard equipment

Tested in 75-mph rear-end crash no other car in the world is tested to this standard! Crown Victoria earned NHTSA's highest crash test safety rating 5 Stars for the driver and front passenger for 13 years in a row (1996-2008). Personal Safety System for driver and right front passenger. Includes dual-stage airbags, safety belt pre-tensioners, safety belt energy-management retractors, safety belt usage sensors, driver's-seat position sensor, crash severity sensor, restraint control module.

The #1 Police Interceptor sedan continues its commitment to lead the industry in innovation by offering E85 capability for the 2008 model year. The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI) can be filled with E85, gasoline or any combination of the two; E85 is a fuel that contains 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Using ethanol not only supports America's farming economy, it also produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions - E85 cuts them a good 20%-30%. Whether running on E85 or gasoline, the 2008 CVPI will provide you with outstanding performance, durability and reliability.

  • Front-Passenger Sensing System
  • Side-intrusion door beams
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (standard) - New for '08 Model Year
  • Trunk release Emergency interior
  • Brakes 4-wheel disc with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
  • Air conditioning
  • Alternator 200-amp maximum output provides additional electrical capacity for police equipment
  • Audio AM/FM stereo
  • Body-on-frame, RWD construction
  • Coolers - For engine, power steering and transmission oil
  • Engine - 250-hp 4.6L flexible fuel (E85) SEFI V8 with overhead cam
  • Engine-idle meter
  • Full-size spare tire and wheel
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Heavy-duty suspension
  • Police Prep Packages available
  • Spot-lamp assembly - Driver's side
  • Wheels 17" with P235/55R17 tires

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    Flexible Fuel - The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor has captured 80% of the market* for many reasons. Here's the latest one: Every 2008 Police Interceptor is a Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) - it runs on ethanol-infused E85, on gasoline, or on any blend of both.

  • Made in the USA from corn and other crops, ethanol reduces carbon dioxide emissions and petroleum dependence.
  • The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor FFV can also add flexibility to your total fleet purchasing requirements: By purchasing the CVPI FFV for your force, you can actually earn EPAct credits, allowing you greater flexibility when choosing vehicles for the remainder of your fleet.

    * Source: R. L. Polk 2002 - 2006 MYTD cumulative police sedan registrations
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