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Trusted by Police, Fire, Emergency Professionals and The Public Since 1983

Streamlight Search & Rescue Flashlights

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For more than 35 years, Streamlight has been the trusted source of light used by firefighters, police officers and troops in combat - Everyone from the New York City Fire Department to the New Zealand Mountain Rescue teams. So "Heroes Trust Streamlight" is much more than a slogan. It's a responsibility taken seriously. SWPS is an authorized Streamlight distributor and a Streamlight service center.

Product Information
Streamlight Warranty Repair Form (PDF, 513 KB)

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Streamlight designs and builds their products knowing that they are essential tools in life or death situations. We make them more durable, more powerful, and more dependable. With longer runtimes and innovations that make a dramatic difference. Whether it's a flashlight for an engineer working on an oil rig, a mechanic working on an engine or an outdoorsman tracking game, Streamlight makes their lights as if lives depend on them. Because they do.

STINGER LED, STRION LED, SURVIVOR LED, FIRE VULCAN, LITEBOX, SL-20, SCORPION LED, STYLUS PENLIGHTS, ARGO, POLYTAC, , all are the first choice of some of the world's top professionals, and they're available to everyone who demands a properly built lighting tool, not a toy.

Public safety professionals. For many police departments, Streamlight Stinger and SL-20X Series flashlights are standard equipment. Most fire departments nationally rely on our LiteBox, as well as Vulcan and Survivor waterproof lights. And many emergency personnel, from SWAT teams to search-and-rescue specialists, routinely pack a Streamlite Rechargeable, LED & Tactical Flashlights along with their other essential gear.


SWPS is a factory authorized Streamlight stocking Distributor. We STOCK the full line of Streamlights & accessories.

If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us for a quote. We carry the full range of Streamlight products!

Click here to see the differences in C4 LED Beams.
Streamlight LED Beam Chart

Complete Streamlight Pricelist

Streamlight Flashlight Warranty Service Info:

Your source for all Streamlight flashlights and accessories. Headlamps, handheld flashlights, work lights, weapon mounted lights, safety rated lights, international safety rated lights, lanterns and scene lighting, right angle flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, usb rechargeable flashlights, tactical flashlights, hands free flashlights, ultra-violet flashlights, infra-red flashlights, penlights and keychain lights, Stinger, Strion, Protac, Survivor, Sidewinder, TLR, TLR gun light, TLR rifle light, Stylus, flashlight bulbs, flashlight batteries, 18650, lithium-ion, nimh,, police man flashlights, fireman flashlights, oil field flashlights and many more. Stream Light, streamlite, stream lite, stremlight, stremlite, strem light, strem lite, Streamlight Handheld flashlight , Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight , Streamlight right angle flashlight , Streamlight tactical flashlight, Streamlight weapon light, Streamlight stinger flashlight, Streamlight strion flashlight, Streamlight protac flashlight, Streamlight litebox, Streamlight vulcan, Streamlight HL flashlight, Streamlight stinger ds flashlight, Streamlight strion ds flashlight, Streamlight stinger HL, Streamlight Strion HL, Streamlight HPL flashlight, stream light Handheld flashlight, stream light Rechargeable Flashlight, stream light right angle flashlight, stream light tactical flashlight, stream light weapon light, stream light stinger flashlight, stream light strion flashlight, stream light protac flashlight, stream light litebox, stream light vulcan, stream light HL flashlight, stream light stinger ds flashlight, stream light strion ds flashlight, stream light stinger HL, stream light Strion HL, stream light HPL flashlight, stream light Handheld flash light, stream light Rechargeable flash light, stream light right angle flash light, stream light tactical flash light, stream light weapon light, stream light stinger flash light, stream light strion flash light, stream light protac flash light, stream light litebox flash light, stream light vulcan flash light, stream light HL flash light, stream light stinger ds flash light, stream light strion ds flash light, stream light stinger HL flash light, stream light Strion HL flash light, stream light HPL flash light,
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