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Trusted by Police, Fire, Emergency Professionals and The Public Since 1983

Lightman® Personal Safety Strobe & LED Systems

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Lightman Visibility Systems offers True Xenon strobe or LED systems with high-efficiency circuitry for maximum visibility and impact.

Brilliant Bursts of Light

The unique ▼
pyramid shape provides 180° of visibility. Does not have to face traffic to be seen. Completely portable & battery operated, uses any 2 AA batteries. Strobe systems produce 83 flashes per minute. Long duration usage 7 hours intermittent, 8 hours continuous. Super offers 20 hours intermittent usage. Longer usage time with lithium AA batteries.

Safer than flares, won’t spark, ignite dry brush or fuel spills.

Compact & lightweight. 3.5” each triangular side. 1.5” high. Weighs 3.5 ozs. with batteries installed. Impact & weather resistant. Tough, gasketed construction withstands shock. Keeps rain, snow. dirt and grime out. Highest quality materials & workmanship. ABS base, acrylic lens, Lexan bulb cover, Delrin, acetal and steel accessories.

Lightman simply outshines all other portable devices for its ease of use, versatility, and above all effectiveness. This is why over 2,000 police departments across the U.S. have selected Lightman for emergency and high-risk nighttime applications. Lightman is a safe and easy to use replacement for flares. It is also a superb emergency home and wilderness locator.

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