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2005 P71 Police Interceptor Headliner Supervisor

The Ford CVPI is powered by a 250 hp, 4.6L SOHC V-8. The rear-wheel drive sedan has a 114.7-inch wheelbase. Same as 2004, this CVPI comes with a 3.27:1 rear axle ratios.

The 3.55 gear allows faster acceleration, from to seconds faster to 60 mph than the 3.27 geared CVPI. The 3.27 geared CVPIs are limited to 129 mph.

Also continued from 2004 is the 200-amp generator for the CVPI, which produces a robust, 132 amps at idle. A new wheel with more vent openings for better brake cooling was a running change for mid-2004 and is now on all 2005 models.

The 2005 CVPI has a new steering wheel and column, including a new column-mounted gear selector.

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