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Rolatape ProMarker Wand with Stand

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ProMarker Wand with stand from Rolatape. There is nothing like it on the market. The stand allows the unit to stand upright when not in use, which means it's always ready to go. No longer do you have to bend over to pick up your tool. Rolatape's ProMarker Wand, was designed with your convenience in mind. The addition of the stand allows the user to release the wand and make notations or calculations, and then easily retrieve it without bending. If your needs include a marking wand, get the one that stands alone... the ProMarker Wand. APPLICATIONS - Utility Installation, Street Opening Surveys, Striping, Fencing, Cable Installation, Track & Field Events, Law Enforcement, Parking Lots, Asphalt Sealing FEATURES & BENEFITS:
Sturdy lightweight construction Less hand and arm fatigue
Wand with stand Unit remains standing, easy to find, never bend over again to retrieve
Trigger actuator for comfort Ease of use
Removable wheel for ease in stenciling and writing from a standing position Flexible
Completely assembled for immediate use SPECIFICATIONS:
Approximate Length: 32"

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