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Whelen LFL Liberty + CENCOM + SA315P Package - SOUTHWEST SPECIAL

Item Code: SLTXSP
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Whelen LFL Liberty SX8BBRR + CENCOM + SA315P + SAK1 - Lighting Package - SOUTHWEST SPECIAL


Whelen LFL Liberty SX8BBRR RED/BLUE Lightbar Flashing TakeDowns/Alleys (ALL LED)
4 linear corner LEDs (2 Red / 2 Blue)
4 linear forward-facing LED flashers (2 Red / 2 Blue)
Amber Traffic Advisor (2 wire: Wire 1 - Arrow Left, Wire 2 - Arrow Right, Both Wires - Center Out)
Mounting Straps
All LED, Flashing Takedowns and Alleys
($4,165.15 if purchased separately)
Whelen LFL Liberty


Whelen CENCOM SAPPHIRE Siren / Switchbox
Programmable Siren/Switch box via USB cable and supplied Whelen CENCOM programming software
Pushbuttons can be programmed for: On/Off, Momentary, 8 second delay (gunlock release)
($1,341.00 if purchased separately)
Whelen CENCOM Siren/Switch Box

Whelen SA315P 100 watt Speaker and mounting bracket
($350.00 if purchased separately)
Whelen SA315P 100 watt speaker

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