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Unity EYE BEAM™ Spotlight Officer Warning System - Retrofit Upgrade

Item Code: EB1000
Unity EYE BEAM Spotlight Retrofit Upgrade - EB1000
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Unity EYE BEAM™ Spotlight Officer Warning System - Retrofit Upgrade

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Unity EYE BEAM Product Brochure (PDF, 1.4MB)

Is the suspect a flight risk? Intoxicated? Confrontational? Traffic stops expose your Officers to heightened safety risks, daily. Introducing the EYE BEAM Retrofit Upgrade from Unity Spotlights. When the beam is broken the alarm sounds.

The Unity EYEBEAM is a supplemental audible warning system that alerts the officer of movement near the driver's side of the vehicle. The EYE BEAM is a retrofit upgrade/replacement head to existing Unity THE BEAM post mounted spotlights. The upgrade kit contains a sensor, mounted on top of the spotlight, which emits 3 invisible laser beams, up to 35 feet, that monitor the area where the spotlight is aimed. The EYE BEAM works by positioning the beam of light from the spotlight into the outside rearview mirror of the pulled over vehicle. If one of the beams is broken, an alarm will sound and LEDs will flash to warn the officer. The officer can then react to the warning appropriately.

How is works: The EYE BEAM uses Trico SideEyes technology to target 3 invisible laser beams slightly below the spotlight's beam on the targeted vehicle up to 35 feet away. Because it is a part of the spotlight, the EYE BEAM's focused lasers are always aligned with the spotlight beam, taking any guess work out of aiming it. Plus nearby traffic does not set off unwanted alarms. The EYE BEAM acts as a motion sensor. If a beam is broken - as when a door is opened or the vehicle drives away - an audible alarm is sounded and LEDs flash to alert the Officer. The officer can then react to the warning appropriately, advise the driver to return to the vehicle saving time, and possibly saving lives.

EYE BEAM comes pre-installed, with two software programs so that the sensor is either self-activated every time that the spotlight is powered up or manually-activated whenever the need arises for EYE BEAM's monitoring technology. In either mode, you can use the convenient housing mounted switch to override EYE BEAM as needed.

  • Up to 35 feet sensing range.
  • EYE BEAM contains a sensor that emits 3 invisible laser beams that monitor a zone starting 3 feet in front of the sensor reaching up to 35 feet. The beams fan 3.5 feet wide at 35 feet and are aligned 18 inches below the spotlight beam center.
  • By aiming the high intensity portion of the beam into the outside rearview mirror, you receive additional protection from drivers side fleeing and drive aways.
  • Two LEDs, one red and one green, are located on the back of the EYE BEAM housing. They provide a visual status and warning in addition to the audible status and warning the alarm provides.

    The specification covers an IR-based range finder that is mounted to a hand-operated spotlight. The system monitors the scene of a typical traffic stop and warns the officer of movement of the vehicle door and nearby area.

    The system includes:
  • Object detection sensor
  • Self-activating and manual-activating mode software installed
  • Built-in warning alarm
  • Red and green housing mounted LED status indicators
  • Housing mounted momentary switch for manual override and mode selection
  • Aim-able 245,000 cp spotlamp for powerful illumination

    Sensing Range:
  • 3 to 35 feet day or night in clear weather conditions
  • 3 lasers aligned with the spotlight beam registered 18 below the center of the beam and fanning to a width of 3.5 feet at 35 feet.

    Operating Conditions:
  • -30°C to +40°C ambient
  • 0-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • 11-5V 16V through lamp wire/ground

    Survival Conditions:
  • -30°C to +85°C
  • 24V 1 minute jump start
  • Load dump (32 V)
  • Typical automotive environment conditions

    Applicable Standards:
  • SAE J113 Electromagnetic Susceptibility Measurement Procedures for Vehicle
  • SAE J1211 Recommended Environmental Practices for Electronic Equipment
  • SAE J575 Test Methods and Equipment for Lighting devices and Components
  • SAE J591 Spot Lamps

    NOTE: The Unity EYE BEAM spotlight officer warning system is a retrofit upgrade to existing Unity the BEAM spotlights. EYE BEAM spotlight retrofit upgrade does not contain the complete light/handle.

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