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Code 3 Pursuit LED Lightbar

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Code 3 Pursuit LED Lightbar

Code3 Pursuit Lightbar

The Next Generation Lightbar The spectacular design of the Pursuit lightbar from Code 3 reimagines what an emergency lightbar should be. The lightbar features two complete levels of lighting in the height of a single-level lightbar. Pursuit has unlimited flash patterns and a convenient interface for easy, customizable programming. Now available with lower level red and blue LEDs and a low profile mounting kit.

- Two unique levels of lighting in a 3” high lightbar
- Single color upper LEDs are available in red, blue, or amber
- Powerful lower level LEDs can be used as takedowns, alley, ArrowStik®, flashing and intersection lights and are available in red, blue, white, or amber
- C3 Pro™ interface allows users to program unlimited flash pattern options
- Corner intersection sweeping flash pattern for lower level lights
- Integrated lens sealing system increases the longevity of the lightbar by preventing water ingress
- Encapsulated control electronics for easy lighthead replacement
- Serial network control: simplifies routing and installation with a thin, flexible wiring harness
- PC programming software
- Internal wiring channels neatly contain wires and eliminates pinched wiren

Auto Dimming with Photocell
Lower Level Traffic Director
Upper Lenses Available in Red, Blue, Amber or Clear
Internal Illuminated Sign Module (protected from weathering)
Standard and low profile adjustable mounting kit

General Specifications
24”, 30”, 36”*, 41”, 47”*, 53”, 59”*, 65”, 71”, 77”, 83” L (604mm, 754mm, 904mm, 1054mm, 1204mm*, 1354mm, 1504mm*, 1654mm, 1804mm, 1954mm, 2104 mm L) 13.45” W x 3”H (343 mm x 76mm)
Multi-voltage (10-30V) Operation with Class-leading EMC Performance
Designed to meet SAE Class 1, California Title 13, when properly configured. Also meets R10, IP65, CISPR 25
5-Year Warranty on LED Modules and Central Controller
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