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Code 3 PSE Triumph LED Lightbar Series

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Code 3 PSE Triumph LED Lightbar Series

The most capable and modern 2-Level lightbar ever!

Two levels of state-of-the-art Siris LED technology provides 360 degree of uninterrupted lighting. When your fleet has a strong need to be "seen", this lightbar does the job.

Modern curves that match modern vehicle lines make this a solid and attractive addition to any police vehicle!

Center section provides an additional row of lights on both the front and rear of the lightbar -- up to 3 levels of light possible! This section can also be used for a combination of products: massive takedowns, a traffic emitter or 100 watt speaker.

Have white light in the bottom corner and alley positions for maximum intersection protection while still maintaining emergency warning colors above Black under-molded top lens prevents UV degradation - keeps interior components cooler as well.

Design Features:
  • Full featured and customizable lightbar with 9-Up Siris LED lightheads
  • Code 3's most flexibile lightbar for setting up your lighting system
  • Red or Blue top colored lens easily identify you as a police vehicle and bottom clear lens for takedown and alley lights. Clear top lenses also available
  • Central controller driven lightheads or independent flashing lightheads Red, Blue, Amber, or White LEDs
  • Dimming Mode
  • 2 levels of 360 degree light, even on the ends of the lightbar, 3 levels possible in center section, both front and rear
  • Traffic advisor in rear either stand-alone or doubled up providing two levels of warning

    Maximum Height: 4.57" (116 mm)
    Minimum Height: 3.9" (99 mm)
    12 Volt
    Lengths: 47"
    5-Year LED Warranty
    Meets all applicable SAE, NFPA, and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured
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